Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you do commissions or sell figures?

Unfortunately I just do custom figures for my collection as a hobby but its always a huge compliment when people ask me to do commissions or want to buy my work.  I really encourage people to try it themselves though, its not as hard as you think!

Question:  What type of clay do you sculpt with?

I mostly use a two part sculpting material called Aves Apoxie Sculpt.  Its an air dry clay with about a two hour work period.  After about 24 hours it dries hard enough to be sanded or drilled into.  Milliput is also a good option.  If I need a clay that has a bit more flex to it I use Procreate Putty.

Question:  What base figure should I use for my custom figure?

Unless iv done the custom I probably dont know what base figure you should use.  When selecting a base figure I normally go on and look through whats available then pick one.

Question:  What type of paint do you use?

I personally use Vallejo paints but really any of the popular miniature paints will work well for you. When I started I got a few of each brand and tried them out. Try out Vallejo, Citadel, Reaper, P3, Army painter or Tamiya.

There are no magic paints that will make your painting look good.  Its all about technique and using properly thinned paints in layers.

Question:  How did you get into this hobby?

I got into collecting action figures last year and started making accessories that I wished figures came with like web for Spiderman or a chain whip for Ghostrider. Then it just sort of ramped up to me repainting figures I wasn’t 100% happy with then doing a bit of sculpting on a figures that were just missing a little something then basically re-sculpting whole figures that I wanted.

Question:  What do I need to get started?

On the most basic level you need the following.

  • Hobby knife with a replaceable blade
  • Sandpaper
  • Sculpting Clay
  • Small paint brush for detail and a larger brush for base coats
  • Good quality miniature paints
  • Gloss and Matte Varnish

These will get you started but I highly recommend checking out my tools article for my full list of tools.  Things like a dremel, cutting mat, pliers, flush cutters, hobby saw and a pin vise/drill are not really needed but they are a huge help.