Carnage Complete Tutorial

So the general goal was to just improve upon this already great figure. I wanted to have the black veins be part of the sculpt rather than just painted and I wanted a ton more tendrils.

Plus I wanted a bunch of different hands and a “unmasked” Cletus Kasady head.

Thanks for checking out Action Figure Toronto and reading my tutorial, let me know what you think and if you have any questions feel free to ask. I don’t keep secrets!

Check out the final figure here!


So this is the base figure.  Ultimate Green Goblin wave Carnage!


Here is all the parts used. I forgot to included the back tendrils that come with the Carnage Figure.

The dark hands in the lower right are from the Green Goblin Series Toxin figure. These will be Carnages new default hands.

The white head beside the Carnage head is a cast of the Norman Osborn Unmasked Green Goblin head from the Onslaught Series.

I got the cast as a freebie in another order I made to Rovinmando’s custom casts, so it was a lucky get!

You can check out the other casts he has for sale here.


After cleaning up the figures seams I started doing the raised black veins. I used soft plastic “brushes” called colour shapers to do all this sculpting. They made the smooth organic sculpting a lot easier.

1: I washed the area to make sure the Apoxie Sculpt would stick. I only ever had one of these areas fall off and that was because I accidently hit it with a tip of a file. This stuff sticks really well.

2: I just quickly laid down the apoxie in the rough shape using my fingers.

3: Im mostly just pressing the clay onto the figure in this step so it sticks. Some light refining.

4: More refining and getting close to the final shape.

5: Refining and smoothing out the sculpt 6: Added all the final details and smoothed out the sculpt! First area down. Now you just do this a million more times and you get…..



It didnt really take to long to sculpt all the veins but I was limited with how much I could do at a time because I needed to let an area dry before I could work on the next piece.

I also filled in all the peg holes. Next up is the body tendrils


For the tendrils I used Jin Saotome’s Plasti Dip method.

One main difference though. I didnt like how smooth the dipping made the tendrils so I ended up basically painting the plasti dip onto the wire with a tooth pick. This let me control the look of the tendril a lot more.

I used this same method for all the tendrils I made for the whole project.

1: I used 26 gauge “Bead Landing” wire for my base. Any bead or floral wire will do just make sure you give it a stress test to see how much bending it can take before it breaks. First I figure out the general shape of your wire. The wire is going to be 100% reposeable later so just keep in general.

2: Paint on or dip the wire into the plasti dip and repeat till you get the thickness you want.

Then you do it a bunch of times.


Here is the final body before painting.

The tendrils are attached to the body by drilling tiny holes into the figure then glueing them into place. I blended them into the figure the best I could using apoxie sculpt.

Im going to skip ahead a bit and go straight to the painting steps then we will get to the sculpting of the accessories.


Nothing to special about the paint application.

1: Base coat to help the paint stick and to make the other layers cover better.

2: General red paint

3: I then shaded some of the recessed areas with a darker red to give some definition to the muscles. You cant really see it to well in this photo but you can see it in the good photos.

4: The veins are painted black as well as black veins added to the tendrils. If you look close at the good photos you can see that I did hand paint some of the fine veins in too. I then covered everything in a semi gloss varnish then went over just the black veins with a high gloss varnish to make them look wet.

I did these same steps on everything except the unmasked Cletus head. Now back to the accessories.


So for all the hand accessories I was trying to figure out a easy way to make the hands swappable. I figured out if you just cut the hands off but kept the wrist ring on the figure, you could still pose and swivel the hands but they could pop right off with a tug.

If you look at the last picture you can see the wrist rings im talking about, they made a problem I was worried about very easy.

So I really liked the bigger scale of the Toxin hands so I decided to use them as my default carnage hands. The problem was they come from a much bigger figure that has a bigger wrist ring.

1: I took the toxin hands and filled the wrist ring hole with apoxie sculpt.

2: I then dremeled out a smaller slot that would fit the smaller Carnage wrist ring.

3: Here are use the same vein sculpting method as before.

4: The final painted hands. Same paint method as before.



1: I used the base Carnage hand here and cut some matching claws out of plasti-card

2: I cut out little notches from the hand to seat the claws better then glued them in place.

3: I attached two tendrils to the hands using my plastidip method then covered the claws in plastidip as well for some texture and to round them out a bit.

4: Final painted claw.


1: Cut out a plasticard base.

2: Did a rough sculpt of the arm and blade.

3: I added the piece that would attach the the wrist ring. Its the same idea as the Toxin hands, I just hollowed out a space for the wrist ring to pop into. I refined the sculpt more too.

4: The general shape of the wires for the axe.


5: Plastidip is put on the wires and I blended the wires into the axe using the apoxie sculpt.

6: Other side of the axe

7: Final paint app. Same as before but I free hand painted the veins on the blade.


These are the tendrils for the back and the feet. For whatever reason I guess I forgot to take any photos of these being made but nothing is different for these with one exception.

I added little pegs to the feet tendrils so they can be removed if I want to. They plug into the peg holes on the bottom of Carnages feet.


1: Base head. Washed and seams are cleaned up.

2: Sculpt done and I also made the gaps between the fangs larger. This one was a ton of fun to do.

3: Added tendrils to the head mounted behind the jaw.

4: Base coat

5: Red coat

6: Final paint app. I added a super subtle blue wash to the eyes to make them match the classic carnage eyes. The tongue is painted and a gloss varnish is added to it.

The Cletus Kasady head is up next

14This head had me worried as iv never sculpted human hair before and iv also being pretty new to this, iv never painted a human head before.

But you have to start somewhere

1: This is the base Norman Osbourne head I talked about earlier. I sanded down the hair and fixed up some imperfections with the cast.

2: Hair sculpt. I was happy with how it turned out but I think I should have made it crazier for Cletus. Im not really sure why but this ended up looking like my hair for some reason. Subconscious hair preference?

3: Added the tendrils riding up the back of the head.

4: I added sticking out tendrils using some of the back tendrils from the Toxin figure.

Next up paint app.


Ok I honestly had no idea if I would be able to paint a face nice but I knew worst case scenario I could strip the paint and do it again till I got it right.

1: Base coat

2: Painted the back area red and added black tendril detail.

3: I read that you should do eyes first because they can get messy but it wasnt nearly as messy as I thought it would be. I really didnt have any problems with this part. I just followed the tutorial below and really surprised myself with how well they turned out.

My girlfriend told me they creeped her out so I knew I was on the right track.

For the face I used the tutorial from the Vallejo Game Air Face Painting set by Angel Giraldez. I didnt follow it super closely for colour but it helped a lot a lot a lot for layer orders and what I generally should be doing.

4: Base coats for the skin, teeth, hair, and face tendrils.


1: First highlight for the skin. Covered about 90% of the skin. First hair highlight covered about 70% of the hair.

2: Second skin highlight hitting most of the flat areas and raised areas.

3: Added dark brown/purple to the recessed areas, edges of the face, under the check bones , under the nose and in the mouth. Painted the tongue gums and lips. Redid the eyebrows

4: Final highlight and colouring of the skin. Dat cheeck bone shadow. Last bright orange highlight for the hair and eyebrows. Redid the red face tendrils. Then I hit the whole head with a matte varnish then used a semi gloss varnish on the red and high gloss varnish on the eyes, mouth and black veins.

I super happy with how the head turned out. I still have a ton of room to improve but I never thought it would look so good.


And the whole family together! I hope you found this useful and if you have any questions feel free to ask, I dont keep secrets with this stuff.


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  • Dakota

    Hi I was admiring your custom carnage tutorial and I saw that you managed to remove the wrist swivel from the base of carnages hands. How did you do that without breaking them? I can’t find a peg to push out or anything like that so if you could help me out that’d be great. Thanks!

    • ActionFigureToronto

      I use a hair dryer to heat the plastic up for 1-2 minutes and they should pop out pretty easy.

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