Beast Complete Tutorial

My goal with this custom was to create a better Beast figure in a Jim Lee style.   Im not really sure who the first person was to come up with this recipe but I cant take credit for it.  I just made some improvements.

Check out the finished figure here!


So heres the first base figure. Its the marvel legends Apocalypse Series Sasquatch.  Nothing fancy here for prep. The loin cloth fur is cut at the waist and the crotch piece is cracked open.


Again no surprise. Marvel Legends Series 4 Beast.

The belt buckle is perfect so I just cut it away from the waist so I dont have to sculpt a new one. The tufts of fur are pulled off the chest and back.


Heres the complete recipe. Time to get to work!


I tackled the torso first. This was mostly clean up and gluing so it was very easy.


So first thing about the sasquatch figure is on the torso, the outer fur is a separate piece than the inner core. First thing I did was fix and glue the gap in between the two layers and make the bottom as even as I could. Next I used my dremel to fix up some very visible seams on the torso. You can see it on the right.


Seams fixed and chest hair attached. I had to shave down a lot of material from the neck to make the head fit properly and be able to move around plus open the jaw. I then used Aves Apoxie Sculpt to patch up and blend the neck.


Back fur attached and thats the end of the torso.


Next up was the belt. Nothing to fancy again. The belt buckle from the base figure is attached and the belt is sculpted. I used some sand paper to even out the Sasquatch base as best I could then just covered it in a fine layer of apoxie.


The two sides together. I will fill in the gaps once I reconstruct the figure.


The Legs are up next. The most complicated part of the whole project. I wanted to make them as short as I could to give beast that short stocky bulky look.

So I cut the Sasquatch upper thigh right up to the point where the plug from the hip ball joint is touching the blue lower leg. I then put three pins around the leg, glued them together then filled any gaps with apoxie.


Repeat for the other leg and then I tested to make sure I was going to be able to blend them with sculpting.


Dry fitting with the shorts. Everything is working perfectly and it looks great.


And the finished sculpted legs. I also filled in all the joint holes.


Dry run with the finished legs, shorts and torso. I was getting pretty excited at this point. Everything was going very well.


Closer shot of the belt area. Not quite ready to fill in the belt gaps yet.

Next up is the arms.


So one of the things I thought a lot about was how to make the ball joints from the beast figure fit into the sockets of the Sasquatch figure.

What I ended up doing was cutting off the Sasquatch plugs and just attaching them to the beast ball joint.


Heres the final result. I actually hollowed out the inside of the Sasquatch plug so the beast plug fit into it. I then pinned, glued and filled in the gaps.

It was surprisingly pain free and the joints seem very very strong but once I put them into the sockets I didnt try to pull them out. I feel like it would be ok but I didnt want to risk it.


Joints on the arms are cleaned up and assembled.


Joint holes are patched up and the arms are finished.

Heads up next.


When I first got this figure, like a lot of other people, I hated this head. Something about it was just off but I never really put a lot of thought into it.

But the more I stared at this head the more I realized it looks almost exactly like the Jim Lee beast head which was exactly what I wanted. Exactly the same except for one super subtle but very important thing.....


Front teeth!

As soon as I had sculpted the teeth I realized how massive the difference was and instantly fell in love with the head.

Finally I patched up the joint holes then shaved as much as I could from the inside of the head to make it fit better on the neck and be able to open the jaw.

To attach the head to the neck I just had to dremel the beast head hole a bit bigger and it fit like a gl


Everything together in the standing pose. The proportions are fantastic and everything fit together beautifully.


and crouched balancing perfectly. I patched up the belt gaps and its on to painting.


First coat is primer. I used the zenithal method to help with shading.

For people not familiar with zenithal priming:

Prime the entire model black

From the top spray in a 90 degree cone using grey then from the top again spray in a 45 degree cone using white.

It adds a ton of natural shading very very easily.


For some reason I either didnt take a photo of the base paint or I deleted it or something but its not super important. I basically just used a light coat of blue and had my zenithal priming do all the shading. I also painted the belt yellow.

This image is after some light dry brushing and the belt is covered by masking tap so it doesn't get covered in blue.

All thats left are the fine detail items. Eyes, teeth, mouth, nails and a bit of clean up.


ALL DONE! It took awhile but I couldnt be more happy with how it turned out. What a great project!

All that was left at this point was the final protective varnishes and the photo shoot!

Thanks for reading and hopefully you found this helpful! Feel free to ask any questions, I dont keep things secret!


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  • Matt Lockhart

    what a sexy beast. Actually Hairy. The front teeth made all the difference

  • Erick

    Hello! What brand of primer/paint did you use or recomend? Amazing job btw!

    • ActionFigureToronto

      I personally use Vallejo paints but really any of the popular miniature paints will work well and the difference between them other than colour is mostly personal preference. When I started I got a few of each brand and tried them out. Try out Vallejo, Citadel, Reaper, P3, Army painter or Tamiya.

  • Brock

    Thank you for the tutorial. I’ll be attempting this custom with your recipe/methods.

    What color blue Vallejo paint did you use? Did you dry or air brush it on?

    • ActionFigureToronto

      I dont remember exactly what blue was used but it was just as close to regular blue as I could get. The base coat was airbrushed on then I did a lighter blue dry brush over top.

  • Darwin

    Hi, Regarding Step 10 where you 3 pins around the leg. Can you please elaborate on that? I can’t visualize it in my head how it would look like.

    And I love your site btw.


    • ActionFigureToronto

      Im talking about the flat part around the peg on one side of the leg to the flat part on the side with the peg hole.

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