Classic Thor Tutorial

So the general goal with this figure was to make the “God of Thunder” Thor look more like classic Thor. I really liked the overall scale of this figure and I loved the helm.

Photos of the finished figure can be found here!



Heres the end of prep! Removed the belt and loin cloth and removed the studs from the bracers.


New belt before sanding! The brown belt is a trimmed version of the stock belt then I sculpted the other bits. Its not 100% perfect but its probably the most complex thing iv sculpted and looks great from a distance.


New Bracer before sanding. Sculpted right over the old one.


The new boots!  The straps were sculpted one at a time and I tried to emulate the classic boot as best as possible.  I then added the squares on the boots.  They were a huge pain to get even!


I wanted to raise the cloak shoulders so it was closer to the classic Thor. What I ended up doing was using a hair blower to heat up the cloak and the shoved paper under the cloak to raise it up, let it cool then repeat.


This was the final height of the cloak. I wanted it to be higher but I was worried that the connection by the seals was going to break so I stopped. Still looks great though especially if you compare it to how it was before.


Final results before painting!  The painting process for this one was very simple.  I just used one colour on each of the areas and used a gold metallic paint for the belt.  I then sealed it the figure with a matte varnish.


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  • Francisco Fernandez

    Looks tremendous. Very nicely done.

  • Robert Hayes

    When you paint something like this do you take it apart completely?

    • ActionFigureToronto

      This was one of the first times I ever did a repaint and during this project I didnt take it apart at all.

      If I did it now though I would 100% take it apart to paint. Its way more manageable to work on them that way.

      You can check out my other tutorials too see how its done but its essential heating the figure up with a hair dryer and poping them apart.

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